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“Destiny Claymore sings like an angel and raps like a Tasmanian devil.” — Boston Herald

Dancer, Singer, Actress, Model

Destiny Claymore is a NeoSoul artist from Brockton,MA. Claymore started with a career in dance - dancing as a lead modern and hip-hop soloist in Boston's own Urban Nutcracker. With a deep, soulful voice and and endless dance moves
Claymore represents for the LGBTQ community (even opening for Jennifer Hudson at Pittsburg Pride Fest 20117) as well as her fellow "misfits" (stadium Van's Warped Tour 2018). She has also sang as a lead in Boston Rock Opera's "HAIR" and walked in Rhode Island Fashion Week Season VII

I started out my dreams in dance. I saw You Got Served when I was a kid and immediately wanted to do that. I watched alot of movies and youtube videos then would mimic them for hours until it became my thing. Dance is my first love.

At 16 I became one of the youngest members to ever sign to BalletRox (at Tony William's Dance Center in Jamaica Plain) and danced in the Urban Nutcracker as a rat, The Rat King soloist, and the Soldier Doll soloist, combining modern and hip-hop dance. I had my first write up in the Boston Globe from that and carried the newspaper clipping around school ALL DAY. I was so happy, I didn't think it could get more exciting than that.

Training for the audition for the Urban Nutcracker is how I met my old partner from Dark Matter. We would practice 6-8 hours every day after school my junior year at a rundown teen center in Brockton until it was eventually foreclosed. Forced to hang at his house in his studio, one day I sang in his room in front of all his friends (very badly imo but he’d say otherwise) and apparently they were amazed, haha. Dark Matter was born and we started packing Max's Blues Cafe in Brockton. Before I knew it I was opening for Asher Roth and Vic Mensa (then in a group called Kids These Days) and starting to get a little buzz. Now, after years of touring, trial and error, and music, we eventually came to an end.

Today I've spread my wings and I'm excited to continue as a solo artist doing the two things I love: Song and dance, the most natural languages known to man.