Album in Progress

As some of you heard I dropped a fun little Halloween song last month.

Once again the amazing Sound of Boston publication added me to their playlist featuring other great artists like Cliff Notez and Autumn Jones. Check it out

Autumn Music & Playlists

Summer was hot, thank you all for coming out to the shows!

Now we're getting into the best season, the red and orange season with crispy leaves, hayrides, and New England beaut. I may have a new song for just…

Hot Girl Summer

Yes, hot girl summer has been taken to the max. New style, new music (on the way!), and some awesome show dates! Come enjoy this hot summer with me.


Discover Nu

"Stronger Than U Think" continues to spread all the way to the English/Wales Spotify playlist "Discover Nu"! The playlist is honestly pretty fire, the song by The KTNA is definitely worth a listen so check it out!

Stronger Than U Think

My first new single has arrived. "Stronger Than U Think" is out now on all platforms. 

Click here then click the streaming site of your choosing. Enjoy!

New Music Soon!

Yes it's true, I'm releasing my first single next Tuesday and you can have it all ready in your Spotify library by clicking this

Prepare for smooth sounds

Ice T added to East Coast Music Conference Panel

You read correctly! THE Ice T will be a keynote speaker at East Coast Music Conference 2019 which means when I'm not having my own panel I'll be working with him! Tickets here.


It's a crazy honor and privilege…

Where Have You been Claymore??


Yoo welcome to my new site! Here I'll be posting new music, news, clothes, interviews, record label possibilities *ehem*, my random thoughts and all that jazz so sign up for that emailing list or just check out my…

Hiatus Love!


Even when I'm not doing anything you guys still manage to show love. I woke up this morning still in my hiatus/rest period and I see myself on the front of the music section in the Boston Herald

Riding Solo


Must say it has been a wild and exciting ride rocking with Dark Matter but the time has come for the group to separate. People change and as we part I'm excited to share more of my voice…